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Important information regarding delivery times.

Due to the present time, all deliveries of the foldaway wall beds have had a delay in production due to the factories being unable to receive the hardware.  This has caused delays in production and deliveries.  I hoped that as a customer you would be understanding and patient knowing this is out of my control. I look forward to carrying on providing the best service I can and I look forward to providing you with our special products.

About us.

Ibedz was established in 2006, we have been supplying foldaway wall bed mechanisms to apartments (the Abito project in Manchester ), flats, spare rooms studio flats and homes.  We remain the Uk’s leading supplier of foldaway wall beds.

We supply wall beds complete with cabinet to take 5 mattress widths 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm & 180 cm.

These are available either in horizontal format or vertical as you choose. 


What our customers say.

Great personal service, friendly and caring staff. Great beds that give you extra space .

A. KirkGreat service

Speedy delivery great product...would recommend!

A. TimmonsWould recommend!

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